Whirlwind Romance with Heidi and Arlene

I received an email on Sunday from Arlene and Heidi, sisters in town visiting family. They had just been to Luxe Bridal and purchased a lovely fascinator. Heidi who is getting married in May was also looking for a birdcage veil to compliment her vintage look. Lisa from Luxe gave them my information an the romance started.

Being that the ladies were only in town for 2 days we had to work some magic!

Not only did we create a custom birdcage veil to go along with the feather fascinator we also created super glam earrings!

Met on Monday, tested and finished on Tuesday! Talk about working under pressure!

Here are the results!

Till next time!

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Beth – My first Purple Bride of the Season

Beth and her Mom came to me to create a beautiful Raw Amethyst Necklace. We came up with the perfect design that incorporates all the shades of purple from the wedding, and adds just the right splash of colour to her bridal look!

But we did not stop there! As you will see Beth is also having a lovely bracelet and fireworks hairpins!!

And a sneak peek at just one of the 5 Bridesmaids’ jewellery (each one has different shades of purple!!!)
Till next time!!!


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